June 19, 2018
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The socio-economics of peer-to-peer systems
David Hales
Peer-to-peer systems, social networks and new economic models offer the possibility of radically decentralized approaches applicable to media, science and finance.

Democratic potential of the Fifth Estate
William Dutton
An emerging network of individuals is enabling new ways of holding government, media and other institutions more to account, but its vitality is threatened by other estates of the Internet realm.

Social-aware content sharing in opportunistic networks
Franca Delmastro, Marco Conti, and Andrea Passarella
Context and social information of mobile users are important tools for efficient communication in intermittent-connectivity settings.

Simulating the emergence and innovation of norms
Ulf Lotzmann, Michael Möhring, and Klaus G. Troitzsch
Modelling situations in which agents can take offence at other agents' behaviour enables them to invent, learn and evolve social rules in a realistic way.

Dynamic architectural topologies
Holger Schnädelbach
Audiovisual-communication technologies embedded in buildings create dynamic media spaces that encourage remote social interaction.

Understanding interactions in the smart home
Vic Callaghan, Victor Zamudio, and Jeannette S. Y. Chin
Mathematically based tools are proving helpful in coming to grips with the dynamics⎯both human and machine⎯of advanced networked systems.

Harnessing social structures for tomorrow's wireless networks
Roger Whitaker and Stuart Allen
Devices like MP3 players and personal digital assistants may one day form their own social networks to better share and exchange content.