June 19, 2018
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FOX helps audiologists to tune cochlear implants for the hearing impaired
Paul J. Govaerts, Bart Vaerenberg, and Wojtek Kowalczyk
An intelligent agent provides feedback to facilitate the complex task of adjusting cochlear implants to the needs of individual deaf users.

Real-time bus-travel data uses mobile-device text messages
João Falcão e Cunha
A new information service that provides accurate estimates of bus-stop arrival times uses expertise in computer science, statistics, forecasting and marketing.

Social-aware content sharing in opportunistic networks
Franca Delmastro, Marco Conti, and Andrea Passarella
Context and social information of mobile users are important tools for efficient communication in intermittent-connectivity settings.

NASA deploys intelligent software agent technology
Maarten Sierhuis, William J. Clancey, and Timothy Hall
A new automated flight-control system for the International Space Station reduces workload by 90% by employing ethnographic observation and agent-based modelling and simulation.

Gaze guidance for improved visual communication
Michael Dorr and Erhardt Barth
Novel systems to direct the gaze may enhance human vision for tasks such as driving or reading.

Interacting in urban environments
Rod McCall
Mixed and augmented reality can enhance our experience of cities, allowing people to enter different time periods and take part in the urban design process.

Designers and users dynamically adapt software to fit context
Matthew Chalmers
A new infrastructure allows collaboration in shaping and extending iPhone software to suit individual needs.

Evaluating a mobile transcription tool for the deaf
Tara Matthews, Scott Carter, Carol Pai, Janette Fong, and Jennifer Mankoff
In a two-week field study, the Scribe4Me transcription system improved awareness of sound-based information for users in any location.

Understanding interactions in the smart home
Vic Callaghan, Victor Zamudio, and Jeannette S. Y. Chin
Mathematically based tools are proving helpful in coming to grips with the dynamics⎯both human and machine⎯of advanced networked systems.

Predicting the socioethical implications of implanting people with microchips
Katina Michael and M. G. Michael
Privacy, security, trust, control and human rights are all concerns that need to be addressed before widespread diffusion of advanced identification technologies.