June 19, 2018
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FOX helps audiologists to tune cochlear implants for the hearing impaired
Paul J. Govaerts, Bart Vaerenberg, and Wojtek Kowalczyk
An intelligent agent provides feedback to facilitate the complex task of adjusting cochlear implants to the needs of individual deaf users.

Soft and elastic circuits for electronics anywhere, not just everywhere
St├ęphanie P. Lacour
Electronic circuits become compliant and will thus enable development of improved interfaces with 3D structures, including the human body.

Gaze guidance for improved visual communication
Michael Dorr and Erhardt Barth
Novel systems to direct the gaze may enhance human vision for tasks such as driving or reading.

Using a brain/computer interface for smart-home control
Christoph Guger
Just by thinking, users can select computer commands to turn on television sets, open or close doors and play music.

Dynamic architectural topologies
Holger Schn├Ądelbach
Audiovisual-communication technologies embedded in buildings create dynamic media spaces that encourage remote social interaction.

Predicting the socioethical implications of implanting people with microchips
Katina Michael and M. G. Michael
Privacy, security, trust, control and human rights are all concerns that need to be addressed before widespread diffusion of advanced identification technologies.

Harnessing social structures for tomorrow's wireless networks
Roger Whitaker and Stuart Allen
Devices like MP3 players and personal digital assistants may one day form their own social networks to better share and exchange content.

Energy harvesting for pervasive computing
P. D. Mitcheson and E. M. Yeatman
Miniature electrostatic devices may enable widespread use of tiny networked wireless sensors by providing an integral power source.

Engineering beauty with the Beasties on wireless sensor networks
Julie A. McCann
The Tesserae Autonomic Architecture combines tiny computers, a component description language, and a protocol to support software engineering and self-management in sensor networks.