June 19, 2018
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Gaze guidance for improved visual communication
Michael Dorr and Erhardt Barth
Novel systems to direct the gaze may enhance human vision for tasks such as driving or reading.

Interacting in urban environments
Rod McCall
Mixed and augmented reality can enhance our experience of cities, allowing people to enter different time periods and take part in the urban design process.

Dynamic architectural topologies
Holger Schn├Ądelbach
Audiovisual-communication technologies embedded in buildings create dynamic media spaces that encourage remote social interaction.

The secret life of digital images revealed
Michael Smyth and Ingi Helgason
Design of future technologies can be informed by exploration of rituals, behaviours and habits of everyday life through personal photographs.

Employing symbiotic robots to enhance pervasive systems
Florian Schlachter, Eugen Meister, Serge Kernbach, and Paul Levi
Combining swarm and reconfigurable robotics enables various forms of adaptation and can extend the range of pervasive-system applications.

Engaging the public with a hybrid puppet
Matthew Studley, Claire Rocks, and David McGoran
A puppet with robotic features and emotional expressions can make general audiences think about the role of machines in everyday life.

A solution to fashion textile unsustainability
Joan Farrer and Angie Finn
Design information communications and cognitive technologies provide opportunities for smart, intelligent and conscientious fashion to emerge and will drive the integrated product policies of the future.